Toys for movement

“Kinesthetic” refers to tactile learning–touching and hands on activities that frequently require movement too. These types of toys are perfect for fidgety people of all ages. For example, there is evidence that mindlessly playing with a toy like the flex blox puzzle while listening to a talk can help a person young or old absorb the lesson better. Kinesthetic toys also tend to be great for building balance, an excuse to get outdoors if so, stimulating creativity, and spatial reasoning.


These types of toys can improve balance, coordination, and reaction time.

Kenedma Diabolo-Chinese-yoyo
Kendema, Japanese Ball & Cup Game | $12 Diabolo Chinese YoYo | $25
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 wooden flex pluzzle  Paper Airplanes
Wooden Puzzle Flex Toy | $5  Paper Plane Building Kit | $10
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kinetic sand  juggling
Kinetic Sand | $18  Juggling Kit and Book | $20
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staxis pottery-wheel
 Staxis building and balance game | $38  Kid’s Motorized Pottery Wheel | $80
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