Kinetic Sand, 4.4lbs/ 2kg


Kinetic Sand is likely nothing quite like anything you have touched before, you have to truly handle in your own hands to understand it. Invented in Sweden, this 98% sand substance is mold free, feels wet in the hands without water, and is perfectly malleable like wet sand. Also amazing about it is how perfectly it cleans up unlike real sand.

•  Great for Developemental skills and Learning Minds!

• Bring the beach indoors! Sand stays clumped

• Wont Spread all over.

• Conforms to the safety directives for the US and EU markets.

• Shipping weight: 3 pounds

Don’t let the simplicity of it trick you into thinking it is boring, one touch is a bit addictive, see the video below:

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kinetic sandKinetic Sand, 4.4 lbs

! small parts, not for children under 3. !

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