Geek Toys Guide


Who wouldn’t want to invent a robot that makes and serves you cocktails, or to build and play a life-sized Operation game? Not to mention creating and wielding your own DIY light saber! Now readers can make their own versions of these nerdtastic crafts (along with 100 more crazy and cool tech projects) with the helpful, handy, and often hilarious Geek Toys.

There’s a new movement afoot—a whole generation of makers and tech-savvy innovators who excel at making wild and fascinating projects using electronics and found materials. In Geek Toys, you get a collection of these amazing ideas from the DIY masters at Popular Science magazine—from a theremin you can make for under $15 to a motorized skateboard, from an epic potato gun to an LED lighter you can wave during rock-concert power ballads. It’s never been a better time to be a geek.

Activities include: Kit Out the Ultimate All-in-One Brewing Machine
Tap a Melon Keg
Break into Your Beer
Install a Shower Beer Caddy
Chill Your Beer Really, Really Fast
Disguise Your Brew
Reuse Those Red Party Cups
Meet the Drink-Slinging Droid
Serve Up Shots in Jello Cups
Make Drinks Glow in the Dark
Mod Your Toaster for Far-from-Average Toast
Freeze LEGO™ Ice Cubes
Cook a Hot Dog with Electrical Current
Wield a Potato Gun
Improvise a Planetarium
Put on a Liquid Light Show
Jam out to a Sound-Reactive Lightbox
Wave an LED Lighter at a Concert
Party with an LED Glow Stick
Disco on an LED-Lit Dance Floor
Make a Sonic Tunnel of Fire
Turn Your Campfire Green
Hold a Flaming Ball in Your Bare Hand
Set off a Spinning Fire Tornado
Ignite a Home-made Sparkler
Wreak Havoc with the Ultimate Squirt Gun
Make a Mini Catapult
Play with a Bike-Part Spirogram
Turn Junk Mail into Pencils
Set Up a Turntable Zoetrope
Turn an Old Skateboard Deck into a Hoverboard
Mix Magnetic Silly Putty
Cook Some Ferrofluid
Catch a Thrill on a Backyard Coaster
Set Up a DIY Pinball Game
Enjoy Skee-Ball at Home
Build a Mint-Tin Racer
Shake Up a Martini in a Mint Tin
Strum a Mint-Tin Guitar
Carry a Pocket Billard Set
Build a Mini Arcade
Cinch a Nintendo-Controller Belt
Build a Life-Sized Operation™ Game
Play Giant Checkers
Wield a DIY Light Saber
Make a Reflection Hologram
Hack Your Magic 8 Ball
Go Anywhere with Virtual-Reality Glasses
File-Share with a USB Dead Drop
Build a Bristlebot
Rig an Animatronic Hand
Ride a Robotic Giraffe
Scratch a Pizza-Box Turntable
Craft a Boom Box Duffel Bag
Make Your Tie Glow in the Dark
Put Headphones in Your Hoodie
Use a Glove on a Touchscreen
Pump Jams Through an Old-School Phonograph
Amplify Music with Paper Cups
Make Custom-Fit Earbuds
Put a New Spin on an Old CD
Amuse Yourself with a Flipperdinger
Play a Pocket Theremin




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